Idabee Soother Holder / Dummy Clip - Sommer Serenity Blue Silver
Idabee Soother Holder / Dummy Clip - Sommer Serenity Blue Silver

Idabee Soother Holder / Dummy Clip - Sommer Serenity Blue Silver

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IdaBee Juvel – Certified safe and stylish soother holder

Keep baby’s soother/dummy safe by attaching the loop to your baby’s favourite dummy and the clip to baby’s garments. Stylish designs that are non toxic, odourless and waterproof. Beads are safely kept in place by a beautiful knot.

A message from Idabee

My journey to certify the dummy clip!
It has been my biggest journey yet! It took 3 different designs before I got the certification. What I found was that both the “safety bead” I used in the first round and a 12mm beech bead in the 2nd round, broke during testing and thus failing. I almost threw in the towel, when I had an idea and made up a knot that the beads could not pass over (you would be surprised just how large knots the silicone bead can go over).
Since starting in May, I was stoked to receive the certification that my last design had finally passed, on the 3rd go, in beginning of August.
While more time consuming to make, I believe that my new design is safer than having a small wooden bead, that has risk of breaking, I also think it looks more stylish with a beautiful knot!

Independently tested to EN 12586 and certified safe
Made with 100% BPA-free silicone.

Additional Information

Soother holder should only be attached to baby’s garment.
This is not a toy or a teether. Do not use in other ways than intended.
Do not use when the baby is in a cot, bed or crib

Wipe clean with a wet wipe.
Do not submerge in water. Always check product before use, and discard immediately if any damage or weakness is showing.
Do not store in direct sunlight

For your child’s safety
Before each use check carefully. Throw away at the first sign of
damage or weakness.
Never lengthen the soother holder!
Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing. The
child may be strangled

Made in Australia – IdaBee by Eiress


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